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The SLTC library, possesses a collection of various types of information resources based on the curricula of degree programs of faculties which suits the needs of the reader community. The reader community comprises of undergraduate students and academic staff members and non academic staff members It has a comprehensive collection to meet the needs of its users. The Library provides a variety of services designed to support students, faculty members, researchers, and staff members of SLTC. All categories of members of the Library are encouraged to examine, consult, borrow and browse through any book, journal, printed/non-printed materials, on-line resources, and receive other services of the SLTC library.

Professionally trained personnel are responsible for the care of SLTC Library and its contents, including the selection, processing, and organization of materials and the delivery of information, instructions, and loan services to meet the needs of its users. The Library personnel are devoted to applying theory and technology to the creation, selection, organization, management, preservation, dissemination, and utilization of the collections of information in all formats and help to manage and mediate access to information.

The collection is organized subject -wise and International standard, Classification system (Universal Decimal Classification System) and Anglo –American Cataloguing Rules are used for classification and cataloguing books. With the existing collection and facilities, the library offers range of library services to its user community.

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If you need any assistance in finding a book, or resetting your Password for this website, please contact me at 0711893103 or library@sltc.edu.lk I am in the Library Monday-Friday during normal working hours, and look forward to helping you in any way that I can. If you just want to browse, you can do it without login

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